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Renew, Relax & Restore


Get to Know Kaci

Initially Mokara Wellness was created in June 2022 with the intention of growing "someday". That "someday" came quicker than we all thought. In March 2023, while 33 weeks pregnant, I was diagnosed with cancer. My life was turned around and Mokara started to grow. I knew it was time to let the business fully blossom when I found another meaning to Mokara (besides being an orchid), which was [a small army of support]. 

I should probably introduce myself now- I am Kaci Popp-Thomason, DNP, FNP-C. I worked for 7 years as an RN (mostly emergency department) and have been a nurse practitioner for the last 4 years. My main focus was family medicine before starting Mokara. I am a wife, a mother of 3, cancer thriver (I am thriving in the middle of a cancer diagnosis) and flower lover. 

Our Services

IV Infusion

Variety of IV infusion therapies options are offered. If you need a boost of energy or want to give your metabolism a kick- an IV can help. Revive & Regenerate by:

•Fighting fatigue

•Reducing inflammation


•Kickstarting Immune System

IM Injections

Taking a holistic approach to inner & outer beauty, Mokara Wellness is offering IM injections. Quick & easy with just one injection can provide you with health benefits for weeks to come. 


An array of procedures to enhance your natural features and beauty. Services offered:

• Dermaplaning

• Chemical Peels

• Medical Grade Skin Care

spa stones


Located on East Pike Avenue in Columbus, MT, Mokara Wellness specializes in IV hydration infusions, vitamin therapy and aesthetics providing a holistic approach to inner & outer beauty. We aim to nurture and bring out the best in all of our patients. It can be overwhelming looking at our options, so please schedule and Kaci will sit down and discuss your goals and how we can achieve those together. Schedule your next visit in a place where your well-being is top priority.


Come Visit Us

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Call/text 406.855.1309

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